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1. Customize it

Here you can customize aspects of both the metasearch engine and The Travel Button®. If you have built your website with WordPress, use our plugin to customize and manage your button.

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2. Link it to a place

To help your audience and also increase the conversion rate, we recommend that you link your tourism services metasearch engine with a place. This way, when clicked, the button will automatically load information about that destination.

Add another location.
In case you mention several places, you can link the button to all of them. This way, visitors will be able to select the destination from which they would like to know more of.

Choose how you want Travelfinder to consider the associated location. This will affect only when performing searches related to transportation services.

The metasearch engine will consider the associated place as the search destination. Select this option for your website posts, social networks or emails.

The metasearch engine will consider the associated place as the search origin. Select this option when using, for example, QR codes. Use case: a hotel that shows its customers the QR code to access its metasearch engine at the reception of the stablishment.

3. Install it on your website

Enter your tracking code and follow steps 1 and 2. If you don't have it yet, get yours. Create an account now.

1. Add this script once in each of the pages where you want to display the button. We recommend that you place it in the <head> section.

<script async type="text/javascript" src="https://button.wetravelhub.com/assets/js/hth-load.js?prefetch=true"></script>

2. Below you'll find your button's code. Copy the code and paste it as HTML where you want the button to appear.

<div class="hth-button" hth-type="multiple" hth-shadow-color="#000000" hth-size="4" hth-orientation="horizontal" hth-separation="0.5" hth-position="fixed"></div>

If you have any questions, please check our Help Center.