The affiliate platform for the tourism sector

We, like many other travel lovers, have invested a lot of time looking for information about the possible destinations for our next trip. Reading blogs, guides, and websites with travel content.

The talented creators behind that useful information, often monetize their content using banner ads or widgets. But these solutions are often intrusive, offer limited customization options, and poor user experience for visitors.

We came up with a different approach to generate revenue from travel content, giving content creators their own tourism services metasearch engine. We call it Travelfinder.

To turn it into reality we founded We Travel Hub, a company from which to develop Travelfinder and other disruptive solutions. An affiliate marketing platform, dedicated to the travel sector, from which to provide valuable solutions for all players involved in taking a trip: content creators, travelers, merchants and advertisers.

Travelfinder®We Travel Hub Isotype, a groundbreaking tourism services metasearch engine

We want to make it easy for content creators to monetize their content by giving them their very own tourism services metasearch engine. A personal and free tool that generates revenue while helping their audience find tourism-related services.


Content creators can change our logo for theirs. They are able to select the services and providers displayed in their metasearch engine, and link it to a particular location to facilitate audience navigation.


Their audience gains access to any service they may need, with a single click: hotels, apartments, hostels, planes, trains, buses, rental cars, restaurants, activities, and even shows.


Travelfinder monetizes content about any place in the world, from any possible source of web traffic. And at the moment it is available content creator in 54 countries.

Designed to empower those who inspire to travel

Content creators such as travel bloggers, influencers, youtubers, tiktokers, media outlets, and even local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, or surf schools, can monetize their web traffic, and become the main players of their audience's booking experience.


Affiliates receive most of the income generated through the metasearch engine. Not only from commissions on sales (CPA) because they can also generate income from impressions (CPM) and recommendations.


Easy to install and manage, with no set up or maintenance cost, and with a neat design for visitors.


Accessible through any possible source of web traffic, content creators can use Travelfinder on blogs and webpages with The Travel Button®, A customizable widget, adaptable to the web page's design, with multiple configuration options.

It can also be used in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, email communications, or print media with direct links.

While facilitating travel planning

With Travelfinder, content creators will help their audience plan trips, revolutionizing the customer's journey, by providing a global vision of the tourist services related to any location in a simple and non-intrusive way.

Neat design

Visitors enjoy a disruptive user experience. Easy to understand and use.


A single click offers them all the information they may need: how to get there, where to sleep, where to eat, and what to do.

Time saver

It saves them time, there is no need to check hundreds of websites.

And helping travel-related service providers match their customers

Open to the entire tourism ecosystem, our solution is a unique opportunity for travel service providers who want to attract clients that are genuinely interested in taking a trip, connecting with them in the right place at the right time.

New channel

We Travel Hub helps promote tourism-related business. An opportunity for small travel service providers to start their digitization process, and consolidate their market position. And for leader companies to boost their growth.


Leads and advertising impacts are generated at the content creators' sources of traffic before visitors begin the typical customer journey. We redirect visitors. Purchases are made on our partners' websites.


We help business promote their travel services through Travelfinder. We give them a tool to maximize customer touchpoints, generating additional revenue by cross-selling services that complement their offer in their own source of traffic.