We are an affiliate marketing platform
specialized in the tourism sector

We help content creators monetize posts related to travels or destinations, and help tourism businesses to promote the cross-selling of complementary services to their main activity

We have created Travelfinder®We Travel Hub Isotype, a tourism services metasearch engine that allows our affiliates to generate a new source of income, while facilitating their visitors, followers, readers, or clients, book any service necessary to plan a trip


With Travelfinder our affiliates can display their logo, choose the services they want to offer and the merchants they want to work with. They can also associate it with the destination of their choice


Offers any service travelers may need: hotels, apartments, hostels, planes, trains, buses, rental cars, restaurants, activities, and even shows


Easy to install and manage, it can be used through any communication channel: websites, social networks, email and even print media

Travelfinder®We Travel Hub Isotype is a profitable solution that generates income from both bookings and advertising displayed through the metasearch engine


It is a non-intrusive tool, with a neat design and optimized usability


Save your audience time, they will be able to access any service they may need with a simple click


Monetizing your content about any place in the world with Travelfinder

Anyone who inspires people to travel, or who has a tourism business that someone can visit, now has the opportunity to generate a new revenue stream in a simple and transparent way

Content creator

Travel bloggers or influencers who publish travel or destination-related content.
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Media outlet

Travel sections of newspapers or magazines, and specialized media, whether digital or printed.
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Any business related to a destination such as accommodations, restaurants, or experiences and activity providers.
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With the assurance of relying on the technology and services of the top tourism industry leaders

Innovation and digital world leaders endorse our disruptive approach